Is Facebook killing our Relationships?

If you live in the 21st century, then you know that Facebook exists. You have your own account filled with people, you get Farmville requests on the daily and you watch LadBible videos when you're meant to be working. You also, unless you're a nocturnal turtle, have likely been victim to the 'relationship posts'.

Now I'm not saying I've never done these before either. 2 years ago when I found my betrothed I was all over Facebook showing off how not single I am. I started off slow with a few tags, then before you knew it I was claiming he was my best buddy and getting pictures where I knew I looked fit enough to make the boys I used to date bite at their knuckles (or at least that's what I imagine they do). Facebook is made for this self absorbed sort of shit, so I just went along with the 500+ others.

Then I started to get a bit needy. My boyfriend, the what I like to call 'voyeur' of Facebook, hasn't posted since, like, 2008. He is more interested in looking at car videos than tagging me in a comical picture saying it's 'so me.' I quickly got jealous. I didn't understand why I wasn't in his profile picture, I was angry that his Instagram had nothing more than a stupid picture from when he was like 13. He wasn't showing me off! And I was furious.

Until I realised why. He didn't actually need to. He had me and that was enough. He wasn't all that fased by Valentine posts and 'Relationship Goals' because he knew in our own stupid ways we had those things, but that they we're real and they were unfiltered.

We argue. We argue about the stupidest fucking things. We argue because I take too long to put my makeup on, (eyeliner is IMPORTANT) we argue because I am on ASOS 24/7, but HE is watching Football 24/7, we argue because yet again he wants to watch a Western, but I want a Horror on. We argue because we fucking love each other, and unlike our Facebook profiles, we're not perfect. We're not laughing at each others jokes 24/7, some of his jokes are stupid, and some of mine aren't even funny at all. AND THAT'S OK.

If you're in a relationship, please put Facebook down. Your friends are probably really in love, but they argue too, they go through big life decisions too and they disagree too. Their boyfriends probably like Margot Robbies Instagram's and that's ok too.

If you're single don't hate on these posts but just KNOW that they're not 100%. If you find someone one day, you won't be roses and unicorns 24/7, and that's ok.

All of these things are OK.


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