Why I will not be partaking in valentine's day

Now it's that time of year when everyone starts freaking out about chocolate in the shape of tiny little hearts. Not because they're cute in a novelty kind of way, more because they're something your significant other might give you to express his or her affections. 

I'm sure I'm not the first one to call this out as complete and utter bollocks. 

This is the first year I won't be snivelling into ice-cream or desperately swiping those rights on Tinder hoping to get lucky. This year I actually have a boyfriend. A real one. And a nice one in fact. Trouble is, I couldn't give a toss about Valentine's Day and I'm pretty sure he doesn't either. 

Trust me I've been pressured. 'What are you both doing for Valentine's?' 'You mean you haven't even discussed it?' 'Does he not love you?' 'Does he not even consider you part of his life anymore?' I brought it up, buzzed from the girl instinct that I should be peeved off about it. I changed my mind 5 minutes later. It took his confused quick plans of a meal to make me realise we both completely didn't want that. I didn't need cards, I didn't need some bogus teddy bear, I needed chocolate but only for my sugar addiction. I'd had all the crappy mushy stuff from the start, we both had, without the need of a seasonal holiday. 

I made sure right from day one that we weren't comparing to what the media, what our friends and family, or the world thought was the correct relationship. I never wanted us to be #relationshipgoals, never wanted us to have to show affection through material goods, never wanted us to have a better relationship online than in real life. I definitely didn't want to have to adhere to the soppy traditions of a holiday that basically tells you how to love your girlfriend correctly. 

It's a great holiday don't get me wrong. It's brilliant for those singles out there promoting Beyonce lives, stage one daters looking to take it a step further and SUPER cute for kids under the age of 10 who have crushes on someone in their school. But for couples of the world, I think everyday should be your Valentines, not some money making, corporate feeding Feburary. 

Pancake day however, I'm right on that shit. 


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