Artwork is best left to the professionals, is Toby one of those professionals?
 It takes one look at Toby's recent work to get a definite answer to that question. Toby has been working on modern street and print art for years, and his own creative personality reflects brightly, with a tinge of dark comedy in every piece of work produced.
I got to have a little gossip with the man behind treats such as 'Archie3D' and 'Nanny' in a rather unexpected gate-crashing of a local art exhibition held in a café. He gave me some snazzy advice and name dropped some artists that inspired his style:

Who would you say is your favourite artist? (current or old)
T: Sigmar Polke
What would you say is your 'method' when creating new pieces?
T: My method is to find a good image in an old magazine or somewhere else, scan into the computer and play around with the image in photoshop then get the image printed and add paint or spray.
When did you first start taking an interest in Art?
T:I was interested in Art from the moment I knew what it was, Andy Warhol, Tintin books and foreign films influenced me a lot.
Where would you want to go with your workings?
T: I would love to go all over the world, And be able to work in different cities and put my art on there walls.
What inspired your works?
T: I am inspired by films other artists and different cities that I visit.
How do you feel when people interpret your artwork differently?
T: I do not mind how people interpret my work; they are free to interpret my work however they wish.
What advice do you have for aspiring artists?
T: Don’t let society tell you that there is no room for art in our lives. Try to be original and be you, don’t jump on any bandwagons…
How do you feel once finishing a piece, or whilst working on one?
T: I feel relived when I finish and am usually slightly stressed when whilst working on one.
What edged you toward Street Art?
T: I have always liked graffiti and suppose this is my way of adding a little bit of my work to that world.
You know you like it?


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